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stop eating

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  • Intervention-ware Dish Towel

    Here's what the critics (a.k.a. your friends and family) are saying: Check the expiration dates. Yay the meal is over. You survived. Please stop calling yourself a foodie. You eat like you just got dumped. Your cooking stinks. You say overcooked, I say well done. Maybe you should eat by yourself from now on. Congratulations on another awkward dinner. What exactly were you trying to make? Why do you keep inviting people over? You hate company. Ew, what is this? That was almost good! Wow, a vegetable! What's the occasion? I like this meal from a distance. You really need to learn a new recipe. Order in tonight. No one will be disappointed. Your jokes are bombing. Food tastes better when someone else cooks. This meal is going to make your endocrinologist rich. Just stuff your face and chew, leave conversation to everyone else. Look around, they're all pretending to like it. Remember to breathe. Cute, is this a tv dinner? Everyone's fake laughing at your jokes. Time to order takeout. You're a mess. Learn More